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Healthy Carpet


Back To Life!

Whether it’s juice spills or grime tracked in by constant foot traffic, your carpets are probably showing signs of daily wear and tear. Maybe you have burn marks, wrinkles, open seams or pet damage that has been believed to be a permanent sight in your home or office.


AQUAKOR is a professional, certified, and full-service carpet care company serving residential and commercial customers in the Great Los Angeles area.


AQUAKOR, takes pride in our reputation, experience, education, systems, and guarantee. Our well-trained and experienced technicians use proven methods and techniques that achieve fantastic results.


We are an IICRC certified, owner-operated company that prides itself in being able to offer our customers impeccable service, expertise, and assurance by being fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.
We are excited to work with individual homeowners, renters, Realtors, investors, business owners, and builders to maintain or prepare properties for sale and occupancy.

Cleaner Carpet Means Clean Air!


Just as an air filter is necessary in every home or business to trap dust and pollutants from the circulating the air, carpet is a natural air filter that often gets overlooked. Carpet acts as a giant filter, catching everything that’s in the air—dust, pollen, particulates—and re-circulates it throughout the home or office. Let’s get those aggravated allergies under control together!


AQUAKOR will not only clean you carpets, we’ll also help you, your customers, and employees breathe easier. Regular deep, hot water extraction with temperatures reaching up 210 degrees ensures that dust, pollen, and particulates can’t circulate anymore, creating a healthy, clean home or workplace.

Should I Replace or Repair My Carpet?

AQUAKOR has what it takes to save your existing carpet! It’s a HUGE investment, so why not do all you can to save it. In most cases, you will not need to replace all the carpeting. Carpet repair is an avenue you should consider first before giving up on your damaged carpet. We fix everything from broken seams and wrinkles, to Berber snags and burn stains.

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